Sunday, January 8, 2012

COMEDY DREAMZ October 25, 2011

Comedy Dreamz at the Barbary. Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. Featuring Body Dreamz, Chris Cotton, Mag, Hillary Rea, High Dramma, Mike Robinson, Catzie and Tina, Doogie Horner, Malwina, Steve Miller-Miller and DJs Kurt Life and Emilio Airhorn. Videos by Jared Dyer and The New Dreamz. 


 Rose and Andrew, to supplement their art life income, have enrolled in massage school to become massage therapists. To show off their new skills they gave free massages to audience members. Here they demonstrate The Hair Massage. Very soothing.

 Chris Cotton

 The sketch group Mag pick a bloody winner!

 Audience member Alison enjoys some Clown Reiki.

 Hillary Rea

 A massage is interrupted by two drunk girls wandering onto the stage.
 Hot Drunk Delights!

 The Rap Mallet Massage

 Mike Robinson, comedian.

  This is how the dance begins.
 This is how the dance ends.

  The New Dreamz made a video for the band Soft Circle and it was great until... broke. 

 The Foot Massage

 Rose performs telephone jokes with Catzie and Tina.

 Doogie Horner

 Malwina doesn't need a mic stand.

 Body Dreamer Jo Jo moments before receiving a type of massage called Knife Rieki.

Body Dreamz Laser Blue Eyeshadow

Photos by Jason Hsu, Thom Lessner and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.