Sunday, June 3, 2012

COMEDY DREAMZ April 24, 2012

 Comedy Dreamz at the Barbary. Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. Featuring Body Dreamz, Darryl Charles, Nick Lucas, Joanna Quigley-Gonzales + Robert Gonzales, Dan Vetrano, Ken "BDC" Jones, Billy Blaise Dufala, Laris Kreslins, Camp Woods and DJs Emilio Airhorn and Thom Lessner. Videos by Jason Furie and The New Dreamz.


 This Comedy Dreamz was a special night dedicated to the Barbary bartenders and designed to have the crowd ordering drinks all night long. Throughout the night highly limited edition drink specials were offered. First drink of the night? The Panty Dissolver aka The I Don't Believe In Underwear Anymore. How to make: make a Panty Remover and double the ingredients. Finished.

 Darryl Charles

 The poet's comic, Nick Lucas.

 Joanna Quigley-Gonzales + Robert Gonzales

 The super limited edition 1 of 1  drink, Ryan Gosling's Bath Water! What is it? 1 oz. of vodka with a drizzling of milk, garnished with a scorpion, and a bonus! It comes with a delightful vibrator.

 Dan Vetrano

The Sweater video by Jason Furie aka Wrinkled Meat

Video action pics of The New Dreamz video Fashion Show 2
Fashion Show 2 by The New Dreamz

The Audience: one sad clapper, one thinking about what time they have to get up for work the next day, one simmering with anger. And everyone else? Totally into it!

  Ken "BDC" Jones

 Sculptor. Musician. Comedian. Billy Blaise Dufala the triple threat.

 Mmmmmm. The Wet Sword Fight. We all want it. But how ever does one make it? Take a pint of beer with two bananas nestled in it. Put it in your mouth a lot.

 Laris Kreslins


 The second most photographed Body Dreamz pose ever!!!

Everything happens for a reason.

Photos by Jason Hsu, Thom Lessner and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.