Monday, December 31, 2012

COMEDY DREAMZ October 23, 2012

  Comedy Dreamz at the Barbary. Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. Featuring Body Dreamz, Malwina, Joe Bell, ManiPedi, Necrosexual, Bradley Beck,
Chris Cotton, Brian Langan and DJs Emilio Airhorn and Langor. 
Videos by Jared Dyer and Joe Stakun. 


 Andrew and Rose announce that at night's end, they will be debuting their new exciting christian rock project, BELIEVERS GONE WILD!

Malwina enjoys a post jokes Fabio back rub.

Joe Bell

A Christoga pose known as...
 The Bible Reading Table

The sketch comedy of ManiPedi

 A fun youth group game called Eat The Doughnut!


 Phones by Joe Stakun

 All posers crumble before the power of Necrosexual!

 Bradley Beck

 Rose and Andrew playing the fun church game, Is This Satanic?,
with the audience.

 Chris Cotton

Christian rockers
The Possession
 The End

 Dreamy Blurz

Don't Do Drugs

Photos by Thom Lessner, Jason Hsu and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.