Monday, November 21, 2011

COMEDY DREAMZ December 21, 2010

Comedy Dreamz at the Barbary. Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. Featuring Body Dreamz, Doogie Horner, Malwina, Karl Beyer, Hillary Rea, Laris Kreslins, Eric Osterman, Spank Rock and Djs Kurt Life and Kyle. Videos by Jason Hsu and Wrinkled Meat.

Djs Santa Kurt and Kyle

!Body Dreamz Cute Machine!

Doogie Doing It In Denim!

Rose shows off her latest comic discovery, Billy Bob Teeth.
Andrew counters with his Billy Bob Nose.
Rose knows how to create the ultimate party, Billy Bob Nipples! Let the neighbors know, "The party's over here!"

 Malwina tells her jokes...
...and then removes her pants, just as the audience desires her to do.

Rose holds the Lady Pot Pillow with her lady hands.

Kool Karl Beyer

Poetry and experimental dance. These are very expensive art forms.
Rose's voice sounds like the voice of an angel after it's throat has been drenched in warm, smooth honey for 1,000 years.

A video by Jason Hsu.

 SCARFIE, the scarf with sleeves! A bad idea.
A really bad idea.

Hillary Rea

A good old fashioned t-shirt auction featuring the Tampad! t-shirt.

Laris Kreslins

A video by Wrinkled Meat.

There's a rage on the stage!
Michelle, Dark Matter and...
...Spank Rock!!!!!!

Santa Dreamz

Michelle, Spank Rock aka Chronic the Hemp Hog and Dark Matter!

!Happy Winter Holiday Season Time!

Photos by Jason Hsu and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.