Saturday, November 26, 2011

COMEDY DREAMZ February 22, 2011

 Comedy Dreamz at the Barbary. Hosted by Rose Luardo and Andrew Jeffrey Wright. Featuring Body Dreamz, Melvin McPhinnis, Steve Miller-Miller, Andrew Nice Clay, Ted Passon, Soggy Cookie and Dj Emilio Airhorn. Videos by Wrinkled Meat.

 Andrew and Rose with the night's intro.

 Dancing with orbs!

 Melvin McPhinnis and his...
 ...3-D comedy.

 Steve Miller-Miller

!The Unstoppable Bodies of Your Dreamz!

 Modern dance teachers, Despiria and Dave Peter(pronounced Daa-vee Pee-tare).
 Dave Peter explaining his minimal dance technique, The Empty Vessel.

 The world's #1 confrontational compliment comic, Andrew Nice Clay.

Videos by Wrinkled Meat

 The multi-dimensional comedy of Ted Passon.

The treat of all treats, a Soggy Cookie mini concert!
 Frank Dirt just wants you all to "Shut Up And Put Your Butt Up"! Is that too much to ask?
 Cinderella Slick belts out "Bubble Love" while Pain Rainbow, who is on bubble patrol, let's the bubbs rain down!
 Cinderella Slick vocally terrrorizing the audience with "Open Up A Can Of Hardcore"!
 Frank Dirt, Cinderella Slick and Pain Rainbow are going to hit you one more time!

 Body Dreamz about to get INSANE!
 !Power Puff Girl!

 Body Cookie and Soggy Dreamz, hazed and confused.

 Dj Emilio Airhorn

Trashed joint.

Photos by Jason Hsu and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.